Discover how Community Wealth Building has been implemented by organisations within the Edinburgh and South East City Region Deal area. 


This video features the experiences and ambitions of The Ridge, McLaughlin & Harvey, Castle Community Bank and Move On in relation to the 5 pillars of Community Wealth Building. 




This film captures the fantastic work happening within Hawick. Burnfoot Community Futures who are a charity based in Hawick, established in 2006 by local volunteers with 2 aims; 

To improve the wellbeing, quality of life and opportunities of the people in Burnfoot
To enhance the social, cultural, recreational and educational facilities, environment and economy of Burnfoot. 

 Joyce Short, the Community Engagement Supervisor, gave us a tour of the Hub, showing us the fantastic facilities including a thriving community garden and their bustling cafe.
We also learned more about their recently installed shed which enables them to distribute and store food which is either provided through Fair Share or produce from their gardens. 
Maxi Construction were keen to get involved and made a food donation whilst we were on site at both locations. 

" At this time when money is so tight and food costs rising, people are really struggling. Having the support from companies like this makes a huge difference. They are able to help us to help our community live better lives and live lives that are not quite as hard as what they would be otherwise," Joyce added. 

Maxi Construction were recently awarded the contract to construct the Hawick Business Centre, which will provide a new space for small business in the Hawick area.

Lisa Aitken, Business Support Coordinator at Maxi Construction said, "Our team at Maxi like to get involved with the communities we are working in and it is important to us to leave a positive footprint, so we regularly get involved with local foodbanks and offer support. With rising food costs we feel it is vital to support local organisations like Burnfoot Community Hub and the Hawick Salvation Army."

As well as tackling food poverty, The Salvation Army also offer crucial services to the community such as debt advice, local parent and toddler groups, Come And Meet Each Other Sessions (C.A.M.E.O.) and facilitate various social programmes for all age groups . Their organisation also has a charity shop in Hawick which helps to raise funds to support their community work.
Branch officer Caroline Brophy-Park MBE, highlighted the recent rise in demand of the foodbank, "Over the last two years we have been reaching twice as many people as we have previously. Over 695 recipients, many of whom are families, have received support from the foodbank."

Lisa Aitken valued the work that team do and added, "The Salvation Army are vital within the local community and provide a way to give back to those who are in need at this time." 

We are always encouraged to see how community wealth and wellbeing is being focused on and hope that you that our videos inspire you to look at how you can help make a difference to drive forward these principles.