Community Wealth Building in your area


We asked what Community Wealth Building projects are happening in your area and what do you feel would make a positive difference to the wellbeing of your area.


Many respondees who newly exposed to Community Wealth Building were unsure of what projects or initiatives were taking place in there area. 



Other respondees were very aware of food banks which may be down to the growing need due to the cost of living crisis. 



Types of Community Wealth Building activity mentioned included;
Food Banks - often helping the most vulnerable members of our communities and providing additional ways for community members to connect. 
Bicycle Recycling Initiatives - offering training opportunities, recycling and opportunities for members to travel in a environmentally friendly way. 
Local Authorities - adapting tenders to be more accessible to local SME's, supported firms and social enterprises to help retain the wealth in the local economy.
Credit Unions 
Community Cafe's 
Training Initiatives
Social Enterprises
Community Centres
Community Garden Projects
Community Owned Green Grocer