Employment challenges in your community


We know that for many of us, the Fair Employment and Just Labour Market pillar is incredibly important and can be a powerful driving force in changing people's situations and wellbeing. 


In order to gain a better understanding across the region, we wanted to understand what residents felt were the biggest employment challenges in the current employment climate.
Our Respondees told us that they felt the biggest employment challenges to them were; 




Many raised similar concerns like the lack of regular, well paid opportunities, too many zero hour contracts, difficulties with childcare and opportunities for employees with barriers. 
Here are some direct responses from the region;

"No jobs, poor prospects"

"Too many low paid jobs and zero hour contracts"

"Lack of opportunities for youngsters and the elderly"

"Wages not rising in line with cost of living, lack of experienced individuals"

"Customers and employers don't understand my learning disabilities. You're pushed into work at an older age, irrespective of support needs or personal stage of life. My health requires me to be elsewhere, such as at appointments and I can't maintain work life at the rushed pace expected"

"Not enough employers offering flexible contracts. Individuals on benefits reluctant to move on to work. Number of job seekers with multiple barriers to employment needed support before moving to work"

"Lack of public transport and most of the bigger employers have moved away from the area"

"Many businesses in my area are based on self employment such as hairdressers and beauty bars. There is a high rate of parents - majority single parents who struggle to find employment which works around childcare"

"Job market is too competitive"