What about your community?


In our survey we asked members of the communities of Fife, Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian, West Lothian and the Scottish Borders about what they felt could be done to help improve the wellbeing of their community. 

Several themes around employment continued to dominate, but here are some of the responses; 


"A higher rate in employment which is flexible for those unable to place children into daycare - more flexible jobs and better improvements in the cleanliness of the housing estates."
"more work experience and local jobs encourage through procurement , more investment in fair work locally, more investment in social enterprises."
"Economic activity is known to build individuals sense of worth, purpose and confidence, whether paid or voluntary. Our existing CWB activity and planned actions going forward are all designed to reach and deliver those benefits to the people of Midlothian. We will have small pockets of funding via the shared prosperity fund to take forward projects however funded skills development could be a barrier to progress."
"Regeneration of local high streets / shopping areas."
"Improved transport links for rural population to access employment."